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 to your intuition you will:

• Let go of worry and doubt. Your intuition KNOWS the best way to create a life you love!

• Hard work and hustle are the exact opposite strategies for manifesting what you want. FLOW is the language of your intuition!

• You don't need to know how it's all going to work out: When you get into the flow of your intuitive self, you will know the next best step!

Developing your intuition is the foundation for creating a life you LOVE!

 It will show you where you limit yourself, encourage you to be brave and listen to your voice and help you deal with your fears as they show up. 

Everyone is born with intuition, but as a culture we have learned to believe that rationality is what should prevail when making decisions. We do not have to reject scientific logic in order to benefit from instinct. 

Intuition, like courage and optimism, can be cultivated. Listening to your intuition is an important part of manifesting your desires and can save time by giving you important clues to your next step.

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